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Complexity Science Group, Business School Sao Paulo, Brazil

2012-05-14 21.23.45

Gave a talk and engaged with Faculty and Students at the Complexity Science Group, Business School
São Paulo.

Thanks to André Coutinho.



IUJ, Japan


Talk at International University of Japan.

Organized by Kerimcan Ozcan.



Payne Forward Thinking Symposium, Arizona

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Gave an invited talk at the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management, at the Lisle and Roslyn Payne Forward Thinking Symposium. Theme of the event: Marketing in a Connected Customer Era: Social Interactions and Strategic Innovations.

Organized by Robert F. Lusch.



Marketing Science Institute Trustees Meeting, Arizona


Gave an invited talk at the MSI Trustees Meeting at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

Organized by Russ Winer.


MSI Innovation and Co-Creation

MSI Conf_080616-pic01

Gave a keynote on Innovation and Co-Creation of Value at the MSI Innovation and Co-Creation Conference.


Otago Forum, New Zealand


Gave a talk at the Otago Forum.

Organized by David Ballantyne.


Launch of Co-Creation Academy, Amsterdam


Launch of Co-Creation Academy by Albert Boswijk in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Albert for an Experience Innovation tour of Amsterdam.


Bringing a Positive Lens to Business: Co-Creation Based View of Enterprises

Gave a talk in the POS Links Seminar Series on Bringing a Positive Lens to Business: Co-Creation Based View of Enterprises.
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Dissertation Defense - Consumer-to-Consumer Interactions in a Networked Society - Kerimcan Ozcan

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Dissertation Defense of Kerimcan Ozcan.


A Theory of Co-Creation

michigan ross good

Presented to faculty and doctoral students on “A Theory of Co-Creation” at the Ross School of Business. 


International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing

nottingham business school

Gave a talk on Co-Creation at ICRM.

Thanks to Kim Cassidy.


The Co-Creation Paradigm book release - Stanford University Press

Ramaswamy & Ozcan CCP BookCover

Read the Preface

Synopsis from Publisher:

A fundamental shift is underway that will change how we conceive of value. In an era of increasing interconnectedness, individuals, as opposed to institutions, stand at the center of value creation. To adapt to this tectonic shift, organizations can no longer unilaterally devise products and services. They must engage stakeholders—from customers and employees to suppliers, partners, and citizens at large—as co-creators.

Co-creation guru Venkat Ramaswamy and Kerimcan Ozcan call for enterprises to be mindful of lived experiences, to build engagement platforms and management systems that are designed for creative collaboration, and to develop "win more-win more" strategies that enhance our wealth, welfare, and, well-being. Richly illustrated with examples of co-creation in action,
The Co-Creation Paradigm provides a blueprint for the co-creative enterprise, economy, and society, while presenting a conceptual framework that will guide organizations across sectors in adopting this transformational approach. Challenging some of our most deeply held ideas about business and value, this book outlines the future of "business as usual."


Venkat Ramaswamy and
Kerimcan Ozcan. 2014. The Co-Creation Paradigm.
Redwood City: Stanford University Press.


Visit the curated Wiki on Co-Creation Theory & Practice to dive deeper into The Co-Creation Paradigm. [Forthcoming in Spring 2014]

vrcroppedkerimcan3 Visit Kerimcan Ozcan’s website.

Research and Technology Management Review - The Future of Competition

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Review of The Future of Competition book.


Your Brand is Not Your Brand - How to Co-Create Value on Social Media

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Your brand is not your brand- how to co-create value on social media


Here's How to Think About Value in a Platform Economy

Here's How to Think About Value in a Platform Economy